Delirious? - Kingdom of comfort.

Demo Kingdom of comfort - Delirious?

Interprete» Delirious?
Álbum» Kingdom of comfort
Género» rock /pop

Delirious? return with their 9th studio album, ready to risk it all. From cancer to consumerism, five star dreams to slums and poverty made personal, Kingdom of Comfort questions everything. The result is their most risky, real and compelling album to date - a collection of songs that act like catalysts more than lullabies that spark fires that refine faith.

With God Is Smiling already downloaded free by over 10,000 fans on their new site, Delirious? have set the scene - the rule book has gone, the energy is even higher, the time is most definitely right for the most remarkable phase of their already remarkable career.

Lista de Canciones:

1. Kingdom Of Comfort
2. God Is Smiling
3. Give What You've Got
4. Love Will Find A Way
5. Eagle Rider
6. We Give You Praise
7. How Sweet The Name
8. Wonder
9. Break The Silence
10. Stare The Monster Down
11. All God's Children
12. My Soul Sings

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